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Student Christian Movement

The theme for the SCM this year was based on Living Our Faith. “Life + Stylists” – deepening our faith to live a Jesus lifestyle with a mission to strengthen Christian students to uphold and live our Christian values in a compromised world.

This year a new practice of Christian mindfulness music was started, and played before the start of chapel prayers. This was to make our students focus on God when they entered the house of God.
Activity during the first term was based on the theme ‘Life’. Junior SCM Day titled ‘Buzzlife’ was held in March with Miss Wanda Christy as the guest speaker. Senior SCM sessions were conducted on a weekly basis.

The Annual Senior SCM overnight stay titled ‘Wonder Woman’ was held in March, and we were privileged to have the students of Bishop’s College and Hillwood College Kandy with us at this stay. This year we also held a special service in the school chapel to commemorate and celebrate the Passover and its relevance to us today.

The Junior SCM Day held in August was titled ‘Transformers’ where the students learnt how to be agents of god.

We also held a very successful T-shirt sale in order to raise funds for the annual SCM Camp. The theme for our camp was ‘CAMP ROCK’ – Jesus is my rock and that’s how I roll.
Third term began with SCM taking Assembly on the topic ‘Strength in Unity’ where we explored how significant Biblical stories related to our topic.

The Inter-SCM Day titled ‘DIVERGENT” was held in September with the participation of a number of schools.

Our social service project consisted of us hosting elders, orphans and the disabled to a free preshow of the musical ‘Under the Sea” which was presented by the Primary & Middle School Students of Ladies’ College.


Social Service Project 2022

The Buddhist society was fortunate enough to donate a large sum of books including second hand books and model papers to the students at St. Clare’s College, Colombo 6 on the 19th of June 2022. We are hoping to continue our social service project in the upcoming term as well.


The Buddhist Society had yet another successful year. During the annual Buddhist Society trip we visited Nilakgama Bodhigaraya and Wanamanduwa Rajamaha Viharaya which was an enriching experience of cultural, spiritual and historical value.

A Sangika Heel Dane was held at the Meththaramaya Temple in memory of Ms. Sylvia Goonetileke who was the founder of the Buddhist Society.

The sounds of devotional bhakthi Gee filled the school premises during the months of May and June as the girls practiced for their annual bhakthi Gee Program. Clad in white sarees and half sarees they portrayed the message of tranquility and serenity taught through Buddhism, as they sang the songs with love and reverence.

Our social service projects involved the donating of books and stationery to the students of Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya, Narahenpita, a childrens’ fun day at a children’s home and donating children’s books to Mahinda Vidyalaya, Malingakanda and St. Claires College. We also did the ‘Angel Tree social service project’, where all four religious societies donated stationery to the children in the Juvenile Prison.
Lord Buddha said that “He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings and all beings in his own self and look on everything with an impartial eye”. The topic for Assembly this year was ‘Strength in Unity’ and our third term was filled with discussions about unity which emphasized the links between all religions.


The students of the Hindu society begin prayers by singing ‘Panchapuram’ followed by meditation and a thought for the day.

The theme for Assembly this year was ‘Strength in Unity’. Delving into this topic gave us an understanding on how all faiths though similar, their manifestations are different and any problem could be overcome through unity.

The theme for this years’ Navarathri program was ‘Navathaniyam’ also known as the nine seeds which are a significant part of Hindu customs and tradition. We celebrated and praised the three goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi also known as the Goddesses of Courage, Wealth and Wisdom, through singing devotional songs and dance.


This year was yet another eventful year for the Islamic Society. Beginning with our morning prayers we spoke about various topics in Islam from stories of the prophets to crosswords and calligraphy sessions with the aim of educating our girls and improving their skills in various aspects.

Our annual Ifthar program was held during the month of Ramadan where Ms. Qaanita Razeek, our guest speaker delivered a fruitful sermon on the topic ‘lessons for laylathul qadr from the greatest woman to ever walk the face of the earth’ and enlightened us on the importance of the month of Ramadan.
Our main Assembly to the school was conducted on the topic ‘Strength in Unity’ where we spoke about unity in various aspects in Islam as well as other religions.

Countless mehendi drawing sessions during morning prayers helped us identify the hidden talents of the girls within the society helping us have a successful mehendi stall at children’s day along with our bestselling samosas.

The funds collected this year from profits earned through sales and from donations by students and teachers, will be used to provide aid to an underprivileged school in Thihariya. We also contributed towards the ‘Lanka Prisons Fellowship Limited (Angel Tree Project) as we did last year.

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