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Debating 2022 / 2023

After 16 tournaments this year at the Debaters’ Council League Playoffs 2022 held on January 29th 2023.  Ladies College emerged Champions for the year 2022.

The motion for the final: THBT Governments should aggressively subsidize the urban poor to migrate to rural areas. Ladies’ College opposed the motion.  The team comprised of Chirathi Perera , Reiha Wimalasekera, Jithya Kumaragama, Yeshiah Peries , Anargie Wickremasinghe.

Debating 2015

  • Debate Society
    President – Awahnee Mendis
    Vice President – Shanelle Wickramanayake
    Secretary – Sihara Jayasekera
    Treasurer – Shalini Corea
  • Young speaker contest of 2015(hosted by the British School in Colombo and co-sponsored by Adventus Education)
    – Avvayar de Mel qualified in the junior division for the Grand Final.
    – Participated – Nimaya Harris
  • Vijitha Weerasinghe Challenge Shield(organized by Royal College)A Team -Awahnee Mendis
    -Shalini Corea
    -Shanelle Wikramanayake
    -Nimaya HarrisB Team –Jezla Mohommad
    -Sihara Jayasekera
    -Amali D.S. Wijayratne
    -Ashwitha De Mel

    C Team –Avvayar De Mel
    -Shanya Sadanandan
    -Abinesha Rajaratnam
    -Githmi Rabel

    A Team – Quarter finalists( lost to LC B)
    B Team – Semi finalist ( lost to S. Thomas’ A)
    C Team – Quarter finalist ( lost to Ananda)
    – Nimaya Harris

    C Team – Sihara Jayasekera
    -Ashmitha Gunaratne
    -Shanya Sadanandan
    -Shanelle Wikramanayake

    A Team – Runner-up
    B Team – Octo finalist
    C Team – Octo finalist

    Ranked 7th – Ashwitha de Mel

  • Holy Family Convent tournamentA Team – Avvayar de Mel
    -Tiasha Kamalgoda
    -Suashi Thisarachchi
    -Rochelle CulasB Team –Saheli Wikramanayake
    -Githmi Rabel
    – Haadiyah Marikar
    – Tehara Punchihewa

    B Team- Semi finalist ( lost to S. Thomas’ A)

    Ranked 10th –Saheli Wikramanayake

  • Elizabeth Moir tournament
    -Shalini Corea
    -Jezla Mohommad
    -Saheli Wikramanayake
    -Shanya Sadanandan
    Ladies’ College won the tournament.
  • Lilian Nixon Challenge Shield – was held on the 2nd,3rd and 4th of OctoberWinner – Royal College
    Winner (novice category) – Gateway Rajagiriya
    Best Speaker – Minul de Silva(Ananda College)
  • National Debating Pool
    Awahnee Mendis and Ashwitha de Mel were chosen for the National Pool.

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