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Heritage Club – “Military History”

The Annual Heritage club assembly focused on the ” Military history of Sri Lanka”. The club members and volunteers successfully brought to life a varying range of both ancient and colonial battles. Our Guest Speaker Mr. Chaamikara Pilapitiya provided insight and educated the audience on Historical warfare and weaponry.

2022 Advanced Level Batch Farewell

The Advanced Level batch of 2022 conducted a farewell assembly on the last day of the term. They performed traditional dances, shared memorable photographs and sang together. It was a special and heart-warming event for everyone.

English Literary Society – ‘Great Epics’

The English Literary Society focused on some world renowned and famous epics familiar to children, to enhance their knowledge and encourage reading of these famous poems.

Tamil Literary Society – ‘Great Epics’

This year the topic for the assembly was ‘Great Epics’. Since the word ‘epic’ can mean
‘kaaviyam’ or ‘ithihaasam’ in tamil, we presented Mahabaratham, Raamanayam, and the 5 great epics namely Seevakasinthaamani, Silappathkaram, Manimekalai, Kundalakesi and Valaiyaapathy. A power point presentation was accompanied by dramas and a segment from one of the epics was filmed and screened during assembly.

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