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Welcome to our website. Let me try to capture what makes Ladies’ College special among an array of appealing independent schools in our region. Ladies’ College is a private day and boarding school for girls aged 3 to 18 in Sri Lanka. It is a school recognized by the Ministry of Education. It was founded in 1900 by the Church Missionary Society, and our Founder Principal, Ms. Lilian Nixon sailed from England to establish this school in the heart of Colombo.

Ladies’ College has been in the forefront of private girls’ education in the country for over a century and has a reputation for holistic education and academic excellence. We offer a balanced educational experience, which includes vast range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. By challenging the students’ minds, firing their imaginations, enlarging their spiritual lives and training the bodies of young people, we open them into an adventure of learning, the wonder of nature and culture and the richness of human experience which not only fortify their innate strengths, but in the process give them the opportunity to acquire new abilities. Our campus comprises a main college site, a chapel, a theatre hall, libraries, laboratories, sports ground, play areas, swimming pool and modern upgraded sports facilities which include a gymnasium, badminton, basketball, squash and tennis courts. It also houses comfortable hostel and day care facilities; all amidst gardens with lush fauna and flora, enviably available in the capital city centre.

While deeply rooted in our Anglican heritage, we are a multi ethnic, multi cultural and multi religious community where we recognize and nurture different faiths, customs and traditions. Having established units for learning support and special needs, we also recognize the value of our special children who are differently abled and find pride in integrating them into our community. We have dedicated, loyal and creative staff who direct and facilitate all activities.

Our teachers’ pedagogies are pluralistic and practical. Working within the curricular framework of the National Education Policy, syllabi are enhanced and teachers are encouraged to exercise significant innovative skills in their efforts to meet their students’ learning needs, to develop their unique talents and interests and to mentor all children to achieve their personal best.

It matters to us that that they not only enjoy their studies but that they have fun, forging strong and lasting friendships that will sustain them throughout their lives. We believe that some of the most important yet hard to measure outcomes of education are the essence of a meaningful life and service to others. So we place the principles of humanity – empathy, social responsibility, mutual and self-respect, which produces young ladies who are humble, refined, educated and accomplished.

They leave our gates to enjoy career success and personal fulfillment while being principled and responsible citizens of this country and the world. Ladies’ is a happy and vibrant college filled with a sense of boundless energy. It is a welcoming place where our doors are open to our children, teachers, parents, Old Girls and well wishers.
Through this site, as you get acquainted with our activities, you too will enjoy our experiences.

May God bless you.
Mrs. Eesha Speldewinde

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