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New Projects For 2016

  1. Teacher Training course conducted by the DVS
  2. New buildings
    Extension of the Office block to accommodate
    • classrooms on the ground floor
    • Mezzanine floor an extension of the staff room
    • Upper floor Nixon Library extended
    Buildings for the minor staff
  3. Renovation of the old buildings will be undertaken gradually depending on the financial situation. We would be grateful for funding by parents and Old Girls who have many fond memories of these buildings.
    Starting with the Chapel which was built in 1933 the renovation includes
    • Roof and ceiling repairs
    • Electrical wiring replaced with
    • Painting of inside and outside
    Other buildings to be undertaken are
    • Kindergarten 1918
    • Copelston 1923
    • Gaster House 1939
    • Dibben 1958

Upgrading of Facilities
We continue to upgrade facilities in the areas of both academics and sports and seek regular support from Old Girls and parents for this purpose.


Spending funds to upgrade sports facilities in the school is as important as the building of class rooms in the present context of holistic education. Such upgrading on a regular basis has become very expensive but a necessary one if we are to maintain high standards in the sports arena.
Ladies’ College has made great strides in the field of sport especially athletics, rowing, and water polo. We now have a strong presence in the arena of inter school and national sports. Success covers a wide variety of sports practised today. This has been possible with the provision of facilities, good coaching and implementation of good sports discipline and management, However employment of coaches and provision of requisite standards of sports have become very expensive and cannot be covered by school fees.
We currently require funds for upgrading boats and oars. We have recently upgraded the facilities for tennis courts, the basket ball court

Information Technology

Upgrading IT facilities have also proved an expensive exercise as we need to invest in new generations of computers, technology and facilities for teaching. We also wish to use IT in the classrooms to improve the teaching methods..

The Archives

We appeal to Old Girls and students to help us with this project both financially and with material pertaining to the school such as photographs, articles, newspaper clippings, old badges and trophies which they may possess or have received as part of their family heirlooms.
Donations to the above projects are welcome – Select donation forms and download General Donation form.


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