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Art and Design Club

The Art and Design Club committee and the Grade 12 London A level Art students participated in a design competition organized by the Italian Embassy (SL) in collaboration with the Academy of Design (AOD). The ‘Leonardo Da Vinci competition’ was organized to celebrate the 500th death anniversary of one of the most brilliant minds of all times. This competition was open to students across Sri Lanka.

The brief required the students to provide a proposal which entails an innovative solution to address some of the societal problems they foresee in Sri Lanka in the year 2120.  For this purpose, they had to submit an illustration and a written description indicating their predictions and solutions for the future.

Of the 16 entries forwarded from Ladies’ College, 11 were shortlisted.

Thimanya Ellepola from Grade 10 was awarded the 1st place.

Her invention aimed to provide a solution for the waste and garbage disposal problem in Sri Lanka. She proposed a disposal system powered by solar and heat energy to generate electricity, provide Wi-Fi and recycle garbage for both industrial and household use.

Photos of the Thimanya’s winning entry and of her receiving the award are shown below.


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