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English Literary Society

The English Literary Society had yet another productive and exciting year. We began the year with the annual Inter House English Oratorical competition, where our orators displayed their skills through a series of entertaining and thought provoking speeches. In the junior category Yeshiah Peries, Seshaya Wijesinghe and Luthara De Silva came first, second and third respectively, while Sheriah Peries, Raaya De Silva and Indeevani De Silva were placed first, second and third respectively in the senior category.

The highlight of the Society’s work during the second term was undoubtedly the Inter House English Drama Competition. Held under the theme “Asian Short Story Writers’, the 4 plays were written, produced and directed solely by the students of each house, based on the stories written by Asian authors. Whitney House emerged champions with their play, ‘Contusions’. Dale House followed a close second with ‘My Dear You’. The short story ‘Toba Tek Singhe’ portrayed by Loos House came in 3rd place while Nixon House came in at 4th place with their performance of ‘A Mad Man’s Diary’. Tehani Rasool and Mithsandi Seneviratne were both awarded the title of Best Actress, while Sheriah Peries and Mithahasinee Ratnayake were jointly adjudged Best Supporting Actress.

We wrap up the year with the Literary Society Project to be held in collaboration with S. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia.

Sinhala Sahithya Sangamaya

This year was yet another eventful year for the Sinhala Sahithya Sangamaya. Starting off the year, the society brought to life authors and poets who made an immense contribution to children’s poetry and stories written in Sinhala like The famous Sybil Wettasinghe, J.B Dissanaike and Kumaratunga Munidasa to name a few.

This was followed by the annual Sinhala Oratory Competition which saw new faces looking forward to an opportunity to share their views on political and social affairs as well as enhance their skills at oratory. In the midst of tight competition Malinthie De silva, Nisyah Peiris and Anargie Wickremesinghe were placed first, second and third respectively in the Junior Category, while Yenuli Fernando, Jithya Kumaragama and Chanali Henagama were placed first, second and third respectively in the senior category.

The annual Inter House Sinhala Debating competition saw Whitney House and Nixon House in the finals. Whitney House managed to claim the trophy while Mithsandhi Seneviratne was judged best debater for the 3rd consecutive year.

The term came to a close with the Sinhala Solo singing competition where Thanushri Kaluarachchi, Hiranya Fernando and Malinthie De silva were placed first, second and third respectively in the junior category, while in the Senior category Safa Suby, Michelle Seneviratne and Mithahasini Rathnayake were placed first, second and third respectively.

The second term made way for the Sinhala Essay Writing Competition in which Aishwi Wijesuriya was placed first, Talia De Silva was placed second and Hafsa Buhari was placed third in the junior category. While in the senior category Sharika Seneviratne, Seneli Bandusena and Sithumini Wickremesinghe were placed first, second and third respectively.

The Sinhala creative writing competition saw Sachini Yahampath, Aishwi Wijesuriya and Manal Panditha being placed first, second and third respectively in the junior category while Manandhi Jayasinghe, Thisuri Paththuwarachchi and Sithumini Wickremesinghe were placed first, second and third respectively.
The best original contribution to the magazine this year was made by Romasha Purijjala.

At this year’s inter house choral competition the choirs made the stage come alive as they sang of love and pride towards one’s motherland keeping to the theme of ‘Deshabhimani Gee’, with Whitney House winning first place and Dale House and Loos House coming in second and third respectively.
As always, the highlight of the year for the Sinhala Sahithya Sangamaya is our Sinhala Day. This year the theme titled ‘Sithroo’ brought to life the strongly conflicted emotions and pressures felt by children and the manner in which music and dance help liberate the mind and body.

Tamil Manavar Sangam

The year started off with our assembly titled ‘Children Stories in Tamil Literature’.
The annual Oratorical Competition saw Sagishnavi Baraneetharan placed first in the senior category followed by Abishana Thiruthaniesan and Akshara Balaratnarajah in second and third place respectively. In the Junior category, Aathmika Prajeeth, Chamindhya Attanayake and Githuja Kirierathan were placed first, second and third respectively.

The Tamil Solo Singing Competition saw Madhuvy Vaithialingam, Vaishenevi Maheswaran and Akshara Balaratnarajah being placed first, second and third respectively in the senior category, while Githuja Kirierathan, Wasavi Uthayasooriyan and Akshaya James were placed first, second and third respectively in the junior category.

In the Inter-House Tamil Debating Competition Loos House emerged champions while Dale House were runners up along with Whitney House and Nixon House tying for third place.

We hosted a successful annual Tamil Day Competition in which students from over 15 schools participated in various competitions such as oratory, singing, dance and drama.

The Inter House Tamil Choral Competition was won by Whitney House with Dale House, Loos House and Nixon House coming in second, third and fourth respectively.

Our girls also participated in the inter-school Tamil Day competitions organized by other schools.
The most looked forward to event of the year, Our Tamil Day, based on the theme ‘Paruvanagal’ (Time Periods) was a tremendous success. The highlight of the Tamil Day was the book launch where our talented peer Thrishaa Jeyakumar successfully launched her poetry booklet titled ‘Nisaptha Alaigal.

Science Society

This year the theme of the Science Society was ‘Outer Space’.
The Society Assembly titled ‘Into the Darkness’ was presented as a Carl Sagan-style documentary in a darkened hall, complete with a band of disappointed aliens and an unsuspecting donut-eater being sucked into a black hole.

Our Science Day, ‘Elementary’ focused on the study of biological processes at molecular and cellular level. The event was held with the participation of students from different schools from across Colombo.

Mathematical Society

The Mathematical Society started its year with the aim of making Mathematics far less daunting and more approachable to the students of Ladies’ College.

This year, we had over 60 applicants from Grade 6 to 14 participating in the Sri Lanka Mathematical Olympiad.

A seminar was carried out by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Colombo, the aim of which was to introduce students to the more analytical and innovative way of thinking that is required for the Olympiad.

A screening of ‘Cinemath’, a film on mathematical errors in the film industry was presented during assembly. In keeping with the theme, the entire assembly was filmed and presented as a short movie.
The Society also presented ‘Mathletics’, an interactive interschool Math Day. This event was a great success with the participation of over 60 students from Ladies’ College and other schools around Colombo.

Photographic Society

Throughout the year our members were involved in taking photographs of various events organized by the different Clubs and Societies, numerous sports encounters and photographs for the annual school magazine.

The Poloroid Photo Booth setup by the society during Children’s Day was a great success.
The media coverage and photographs for the souvenir of the musical ‘Under The Sea’ was also done by members of the photographic society.

The most awaited event in our calendar, the Annual Photographic Exhibition saw Liyara Dunuwille placed first, Shiyanka De Silva placed second, followed by Vihangi Perera in third place.

Heritage Club

This year the Heritage Club of Ladies’ College delved into the life and work of the famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa who was a revolutionary architect who explored modernism and its cultural implications and created a unique, recognizable style of design which had a lasting impact on architects around the world.

The club members had the opportunity to visit Bawa’s residency; Number 11, the centre-point of his city life.

A treasure hunt was also organized by the club on Children’s Day.

Art & Design Club

The Art & Design Club was launched to promote the use of art & design as a means of creating awareness on social and environmental issues.

The club members visited the Barefoot Gallery to view an exhibition titled ‘walking on water’ which had a collection of sarees and paintings by Artist Nelun Harasgama. The students were able to appreciate and learn new techniques from the displayed artworks done with different media on a range of painting surfaces such as paper, canvas and fabric.

On children’s day the club members set up a hair colouring booth which was a great success.
A senior workshop for the students of grade 8 to 13 was conducted by Ms. Ashwitha De Mel and focused on ‘Character Designing’. This was a great opportunity for students who do not study art as they were taught the basics of bringing a character to life.

The United Nations Club

“The United Nations was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell” – Dag Hammarskjold (Second United Nations Secretary General)

The United Nations Club tries to operate with this quote as our inspiration. We aim to uphold unity and improve the quality of life of those less fortunate than us through various charity fundraisers, projects and finding solutions for world issues at Model United Nations (MUN) conferences.
MUN is one of the main activities of the UN Club. Our members took part in numerous conferences and participated as Delegates, Members of the International Press Cooperation and as administrative staff at conferences all year round.

At the International Model United Nations, Shihara Ferdinando and Indeevari De Silva were awarded outstanding performance in ECOSOC while Kimaya Abeyesundere and Raaya De Silva were awarded outstanding delegation in the third General Assembly.

At the Sri Lanka Crisis Stimulation Shihara Ferdinando chaired US Senate and Kimaya Abeyesundere chaired the UN Women committee.

At Ananda College Model United Nations Raaya De Silva was awarded an Honorary mention in the United Nations Environment Program and Kimaya Abeyesundere chaired committee.
Mithsandi Seneviratne was awarded an Honorary Mention at the Royal College Model United Nations conference.

Kimaya Abeyesundere also chaired the first General Assembly at the Holy Family Convent Model United Nations.
We also participated in the Colombo Model UN, Sri Lanka Model UN and Lyceum International School Model UN conferences.

Little Friends, Girl Guides and Rangers

Little Friends
The Little Friends of 5th Colombo started their year by embarking on an adventurous Pack Holiday to Meth Arana Athurugiriya. The pack holiday which was themed ‘Friendship’ was attended by 32 Little friends who participated in activities related to the theme.

Three little friends from ‘B’ Pack joined 92 other little friends from Sri Lanka for an International Camp called ‘Brownies Lead International Camp 2019’ in Malaysia, organized with the objective of building friendships between all Brownies and Brown Owls around the world.

The annual Enrolment/ Flying up ceremonies were held for both packs. One little friend from ‘A’ pack and two from ‘B’ pack received their Wings, which is the highest level achievement in Little Friends.

Girl Guides
“The purpose of a Boy Scout and Girl Guide Movement is to build man and women as citizens endowed with the three H’s namely health, happiness and helpfulness. The man or woman who succeeds in developing these three attributes has secured the main steps to succeed this life” – Robert Baden Powell
This year was yet another eventful year for the 5th Colombo Guides. Ten of our guides took part in the Western Province Walk held at the Bellanwila Walking Path.

The highlight of the year was the annual company camp held under the theme “Marvel”. During camp the guides also participated in a large-scale tree planting program.

The 5th Colombo Rangers started the year by providing a guard of honour for the chief guest at the Annual Sports Meet.

The Rangers celebrated Thinking Day with our sister guides around the country, by having a stall at the Girl Guide Head Quarters to raise funds.

During the 3rd term a flower stall was held successfully at Hype ’19 – A fund raising event organized by students following the Travel and Tourism subject of the British ’A’ Level section.

Information Communication and Technology Society

This year has been an eventful year for the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Society. In February, a few students from the A/L ICT class participated in the Computer Science Education Day hosted by Microsoft. They also participated in the DigiGirlz day organized by the Microsoft Cooperation of Asia. This was a program initiated by Microsoft, designed to channel more girls and young women into careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics).

The Annual Digital Art and Animation Competition was held in September, under the topics ‘Save yourself, plant a tree’.

One of our committee members also participated in the NIBM Design show and experienced Graphic Design Exhibits, Stop Motion Videos, Filmmaking, VR Gaming and so much more.

The Inter House ICT Quiz saw Whitney House, Nixon House and Dale House placed first, second and third respectively.

The field trip this year was to CBL Munchee Biscuit Factory.

Sri Lanka Unites

The Sri Lanka Unites movement brings together young people from different ethnic and religious groups to rise up, to give them a voice and to unify their efforts to strengthen the peace-building process in Sri Lanka.

Emerging out of decades of great adversity, and a culture of suspicion and divisiveness, the end of the war finally marks a window of opportunity to rebuild one nation. Sri Lanka Unites aims to correct the wrongs of the previous generations and promote a culture of hope and reconciliation.

The Future Leaders conference, which is the annual conference organized by the main Sri Lanka Unites committee, was held in December 2018, and six members from the committee attended this conference. Over the course of five days Chrishelle Mendis, Haala Hussain, Mealiza Rodrigo, Melani De Zoysa, Nethroo Balasooriya and Savini Yahampath had the opportunity of engaging in interactive activities with various other children from different age groups and cultural backgrounds. The information and experience gathered by these members was shared with their fellow students during assembly under the topic of ‘Unity is Strength’.

Environmental Society

Our theme for this year was ‘Green Rescues’ where we as a society focused mainly on how we need to protect the environment and its greenery, as it is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we live.

We commenced the first term with the annual Sport Meet cleanup project, where committee members together with students cleaned the back garden of litter left after sports practice on a daily basis.

The society commenced the second term by presenting an assembly along with the Animal Welfare Society on the topic ‘Animals and Climate Change’, where both societies presented this broad topic to show the audience as to how human activities influence climate change and how climate change affects animals worldwide.

World Environment Day was celebrated by planting two trees in the school back garden.
We were also privileged to be a part of the project ‘Plant trees, Plant life’ organized by the Diocese of Colombo which was held at Urumiwalla Estate, Kegalle, in which over 90 students participated from Ladies’ College. Over 10,000 trees were planted by the participants.

Animal Welfare Society

Speak for those who have no voice
The Animal Welfare Society was started this year with the intention of promoting human-animal bonding by creating awareness while inculcating a love for animals among the students of our school.

In the first term the society organized a lecture for the students on the ‘Human-Elephant conflict’ with guest speaker Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando who is a scientist with a PhD in Biological Science. He is also the chairman for the centre for conservation and research in Sri Lanka and is a member of the Asian Elephant Specialist group of IUCN.

During the second term we participated in a joint assembly with the Environmental Society under the topic ‘Animals and Climate Change’.

In the third term the society focused on reducing the use of plastic in school.
The Society also participated in the reforestation programme that took place in Kegalle hosted by the Diocese of Colombo.

Music Circle

The members of the Music Circle organized an event titled ‘Dynamic’ which consisted of events consisting of educational fun filled games that incorporated knowledge from the three cultures of music namely Sinhala, Tamil and English.

A number of schools were invited for the event and the day ended with a performance by our talented fellow students who interpreted the multicultural and multi ethnic nature of our beautiful country.

Dance Troupe

The year began with our Annual Sports Meet where we did a traditional Kandyan dance.
Thereafter, we participated at ‘Kailasa’, a Hewisi Band concert organized by S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia.

Ladies’ College hosted the CMS schools two hundred year celebrations and our dance troupe was invited to perform traditional items at this event.

During the third term we performed at the hockey encounter between Ladies’ College and Bishop’s College.

English Debating Society

The year began with the Debater’s Council League Tournament, where the top four schools in the local circuit compete. The Ladies’ College team comprised of Shanya Sadanandan, Avvayer De Mel, Erandi De Silva, Tiasha Kamalgoda and Mithsandi Seneviratne.

At the Felix R. De Soyza debating Championship organized by Stafford International School, our ‘A’ team comprising of Erandi De Silva, Mithsandi Seneviratne and Sheriah Peiris were Octo-Finalists. Erandi De Silva was also ranked the 9th Best Speaker of the tournament.

At the Sri Lanka Schools Debating Championship- commonly referred to as ‘Law Facs’, our ‘A’ team comprising of Shanya Sadanandan, Sheriah Peiris, Serika Siriwardhana and Mithsandi Senevirante were Runners-Up for the second consecutive year.

The girls performed exceptionally well at the N.M. Perera Memorial Trophy organized by Ananda College, which is the largest school organized tournament. Unfortunately, our teams were up against each other at the Quarter Final round and the ‘B’ team comprising of Reiha Wimalasekara, Raaya de Silva, Nimaya Gunewardena and Jithya Kumaragama emerged Quarter-Finalists while the ‘A’ team went on to be Runners-Up of the tournament. Mithsandi Seneviratne and Serika Siriwardhana were ranked the 6th and 7th Best Speakers of the tournament respectively.

Promising talent was unearthed at our Annual Inter House Debates, where students represented their respective houses. Loos House emerged champions after a heated Final with Dale House. Erandi De Silva was judged the Best Speaker.

In International news we are extremely proud of Erandi De Silva who was a member of the Sri Lankan team at the Word Schools Debating Championship this year. Serika Siriwardhana and Reiha Wimalasekara were also selected to train with the National Debating Pool.

Organizing the Lilian Nixon Debating Championship was our biggest task in the third term. Over the years the tournament has grown in popularity and prestige and this year we had 46 teams registering. Three days of intense debate came to a conclusion with Ananda College ‘A’ team emerging champions of the tournament.

Sinhala Debating Society

The year started off with the annual all island debating competition organized by the Colombo Law faculty. One of the most prestigious tournaments saw our B team, very much a novice team win two rounds.
Following closely was the inter house debating competition which had Whitney House and Nixon House in the finals with Whitney House winning first place yet again. Nixon House, Loos House and Dale House were placed second, third and fourth respectively. Mithsandi Seneviratne was judged best debater.
We also attended an inter school tournament organized by Visakha Vidyalaya.

We also organized a friendly debate with Wesley College which had both our senior and junior teams debating.

The highlight of the society was our annual fundraiser – ‘sarong party’, which included a horror house organized by the photographic society.

During the second term we were proud to be able to bring home the ‘De Saram-Gunawardane’ trophy. What started as a friendly debate with S. Thomas’ College now sees much competition and enthusiasm to claim the trophy. This year for the first time we organized a friendly debate for the junior teams.

The most important event for the Sinhala debating society is the annual inter school debating tournament – Vagavee. This year too we had the participation of around 20 teams from all parts of the island.

Tamil Debating Society

The year commenced with the Inter House Debating Tournament in which teams from all four houses participated. Loos House emerged champions while Dale House was placed second, and Whitney House and Nixon House were placed third and fourth respectively. Sahishnavi Baraneetharan was adjudged the Best Speaker.

Three of our teams participated in the Debating Tournament organized by the Faculty of Law which was conducted in British Parliamentary Style, where both ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams were octo finalists. Team ‘A’ comprised of Abishana Thiruthaniesan, Abarni Thiruthaniesan and Sahishnavi Baraneetharan and Team ‘B’ consisted of Ashwini Koneshwara, Anchana Umapathy, Anzhia Sritharan and Aathmika Prajeeth.
Sahishnavi Baraneetharan and Abishana Thiruthaniesan were adjudged the overall first and sixth Best Speakers respectively.

The team comprising of Sahishnavi Baraneetharan, Ashwini Koneshwara and Anzhia Sritharan participated in the Debating Tournament organized by the Tamil Literary Union of Hindu College.
Abarni Thiruthaniesan, Aathmika Prajeeth and Anzhia Sritharan participated in the Debating Tournament organized by the Tamil Debaters’ Council of Royal College.

Along with the Tamil Manavar Sangam we successfully organized the Inter School Debate Tournament in which sixteen teams from other schools participated.

English Choir

The Founders’ Day Service this year heard the school chapel resonate to the sounds of ‘The Beauty of the Earth’ and many more haunting and beautiful hymns.

This year, the schools under the C.M.S Governing Body celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the arrival of the C.M.S Missionaries in Sri Lanka with a concert. The schools that participated in this event were Hillwood College, Chundikuli Girls’ School, Mowbray College, St. John’s College Jaffna and Ladies’ College.
At the annual English Solo Singing Competition, the Junior Competition ended with Danelle Toussaint in first place, Malinthie de Silva in second place and Hiranya Fernando in third place. In the senior competition, Seneli Premeratne was placed first while Yeshaya Perera and Anagi Gunasekara were placed second and third respectively.

The senior choir was also invited to participate in a program organized by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation radio network for the Maundy Thursday broadcast. This program comprised of 3 songs performed by the Choir along with 2 bible reading by the SCM President and Vice President and a sermon by Rev. Melvin de Silva.

The Senior Choir also performed ‘church without walls’ for the Confirmation Service and ‘I Will Follow Him’ for the Valedictory Service.

The Senior Choir was also invited to take part in a choir festival called ‘Eclectic’ which was hosted by Methodist College and, as always, Festival of Choirs, hosted by Royal College. We were also fortunate with a visit from the Indonesian and Indian choirs conducted by Rohan and Ishan de Lanerolle, who displayed breathtaking performances of gospel and contemporary music.

As the year started coming to a close the Senior choir started rehearsing for the last two events of the year- the Prize Giving and the Carol Service.

Sinhala Choir

We started off the year by performing at the Founders’ Day celebrations.

The Annual Inter-House Solo Singing Competition provided amateur singers the opportunity to reach new heights. The theme for this year was ‘Lama Geetha’ for the junior category and ‘Clarence Wijewardena’ for the senior category. Tanushri Kaluarachchi, Hiranya Fernando and Malinthi de Silva were placed first, second and third respectively in the junior category, while Safa Suby, Michelle Senevirante and Mithahasini Ratnayaka were placed first, second and third in the senior category.

At the Inter House Sinhala Choral Singing Competition Whitney House emerged as the champion, followed by Dale House and Loos House in second and third place respectively.

The choristers entertained an enthusiastic and appreciative audience with yet another medley of Clarence Wijewardena songs at “Dynamic”, an interschool music day organized by the school Music Circle.

Tamil Choir

The year started off with the inter house Tamil Solo Singing Competition. Kithuja Kiritharan, Vasavi Uthayasooriyan and Akshaya James were placed first, second and third respectively in the junior category. In the senior category Madhuvy Vaithialingam, Vaishnavi Maheswaran and Akshara Balaratnaraja were placed first, second and third respectively.

At the inter house Tamil Choral Singing Competition, Whitney House emerged champions followed by Dale House and Loos House in second and third place respectively.

Our choir participated in the All Island Ceylon Tamil day competition and emerged runners up at the Zonal level. Our girls also participated in the Karnatic Music Competition held by the Royal College Karnatic Music Society of D.S Senanayake College and Hindu College Colombo and emerged overall winners.
The much awaited Tamil Day was held during the third term where the Junior and Senior Tamil Choirs participated.

The final event of the year was ‘Dynamic’ organized by the Music Circle Society which included the participation of the Tamil, Sinhala and English choirs.

Western Orchestra

Plato once said that music was a moral law, and the western orchestra inculcates that philosophy in the minds of its musicians. It is the starting point for many, into the world of self-discovery and solace that is classical music.

Neha Thambiahpillai and Tiyanie Sahabandu accompanied the Senior English Choir at the annual Founders’ Day Chapel service.

The entire team performed at “Dynamic”, an interschool music day organized by the school Music Circle. Our rendition of Haydn’s Gypsy Rondo and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody were met with enthusiastic applause.

Our musicians continue to excel at national level – Tiyanie Sahabandu and Aneesha Fernando are members of the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka.

Sinhala Orchestra

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato

The Sinhala Orchestra has grown to be a group of talented young girls who share one great passion- Music.

Our orchestra consist of a wide variety of instruments ranging from African percussion instruments to Traditional Sri Lankan drums, string instruments, Glockenspiel, Flute and Keyboard.
The year began with the annual inter house Sinhala Solo Singing competition where we performed the tunes of Clarence Wijewardene to accompany our finalists.

Our second performance for the year was at the Inter House Sinhala Choral Singing competition where we accompanied our four house choirs.

We also performed at the music day “Dynamic” organized by the Music Circle and “Sinhala Day” organized by the Sinhala Sahithya Sangamaya.

We were also invited to perform at the annual YMCA carol service.

Tamil Orchestra

The main highlight of the year was our performance at Tamil Day, “Thean Thamizhuku Aaram 2019” where we performed two devotional songs ‘Eeka thanthaya’ and ‘Prema mogateye’.

We also performed in the Navarathri Vizha organized by the Hindu Society. Our members also took part in the solo instrument competition organized by the Karnatic Society of Royal College.

Hewisi Band

The year commenced with our girls performing at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Annual Inter House Spots Meet as well as welcoming the chief guest.

This event was followed by “Kailasa”, a Hewisi Band concert organized by S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia.
We were also given the opportunity to welcome the chief guest at the Annual Prize Giving of the Department of Vocational Studies.

The second term began with the Annual Inter-House Swimming Meet, where we took part for the opening and closing ceremonies, in addition to welcoming the chief guest.

The band was also invited to take part in a special Eucharist Service at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour, to mark the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

We also got the opportunity to welcome and lead the chief guest at the Annual Ladies’ College vs Bishop’s College Hockey encounter.

We also performed at the Sinhala Day opening ceremony organized by the Sinhala Sahithya Sangamaya.

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