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Helping you be ready for life after school  

Ladies’ College is committed to working with our students to assist them in finding their ‘RIGHT’ field of study/ career pathway once they leave the beloved Red Gates of Flower Road.

The school has an in-house career guidance counsellor who is available to assist students who are not just applying to universities local and foreign but in guiding them towards what they can do after school.

Indecisive and unsure of what a student should do? Our career guidance counsellor is committed to helping students discover their personality, aptitude and abilities so that as they learn more about themselves, they can discover what they would enjoy doing.

Younger students can get assistance when choosing their Basket Subjects for their Ordinary Level exam. (Students can access information available on the Career Guidance SharePoint which is viewable via their MS Teams Account.

Grade 11 students can get assistance on selecting their choice of streams and subjects for their Advanced Level exam. Ladies’ College gives students the ability to choose from a wide variety of subjects offered for the Local GCE Advanced Level, Cambridge and Pearson Advanced Level and Pearson BTEC Level 3 certificate in Business or Hospitality. (Students can access relevant information on the SharePoint accessible through their MS Teams Account.)

Career Guidance Share Point

Career Guidance SharePoint on MS Teams

Students who wish to apply to overseas universities can get help in selecting universities, writing applications, answering essays, developing statements of purposes and applying whilst students who wish to enter local universities can gain advise in subject combinations and possible courses to select. Letters of Recommendations for university applications are also prepared, taking into consideration the strengths and potential of the student.

We might not know everything but we are committed to work with you to help you find what you would love doing so that one day, you will make Ladies’ College proud as you do what you love to the best of your ability and achieve your fullest potential.

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 0112575469

Email: [email protected]
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