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Science Day for Primary and Middle School – An Effort to Discover

1000 children; 10 industries ; 1 exhibition.

“Scizone” was the title of LC’s latest voyage of discovery, which took the form of a
hands on science exhibition intended to demonstrate the scientific principles behind the commercial industries that exist today.

The idea behind Scizone was indeed very innovative and open minded. The girls from
grade 7 to 14 were divided into 10 industries, namely Arts, crafts & music industry,
Agricultural industry, Medical industry, Technological industry, Chemical industries,
Food Technology, Textiles industry, Energy & power industry and Tourism &
Construction industry. In order to first make the children understand the science behind
industries, several companies were called in to educate the children about their
respective trades. Several field trips were organized to various parts of the island, and
the companies, Jetwing, Abans, Laksala and CIC to name just a few (there were
many more), most generously provided the children with seminars in school and also various models and displays to be used on the day of the exhibition.

The exhibition itself was a major success. It was a day when the entire school bonded
together to bring out the spirit of science. It was highly commended by those
who were present. Although there was a minor hitch on the first day, when it started
raining heavily, and the Agricultural and Tourism & Construction industries, which were located in the backgarden, had to be moved indoors, the perseverance of both these industries was demonstrated when the Agricultural industry was commended in the final prize list.

The science society and the leaders of all industries would like to thank Ms. Nirmali
Wickremesinghe and Ms. Easha Spelderwinde for their continued support and
encouragement. To Ms. Nethsinghe, our teacher in charge, who nurtured the idea from
scratch and made the exhibition what it was, we are eternally grateful. We would like to
thank the teachers in charge of all industries and all teachers who helped us for their
patient guidance and support. Our sincere thanks also goes out to all the companies that so generously gave of their time and resources to make this exhibition such a great
success. Finally, to all parents, well wishers, old girls, and to all those who were present at the exhibition, we are extremely grateful.

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