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Primary School Project Day 2022: Dance World

The Dance World Project for the primary students was held on the 6th of April 2022.

The Grade 4 students represented “Dances of Sri Lanka” which included Kandyan, Bharatanatyam, Pahatharata (Low country Dance) and Sabaragamuwa.

These traditional Sri Lankan dances are brought to life by students who wore colourful costumes and danced gracefully according to the rhythmic music.

The Grade 5 students performed different dance styles from various continents around the world such as Asia, Africa and Europe. Through this, they collectively highlighted the importance of appreciating other people and their cultural values and traditions.

The Grade 6 students linked their dance performances to various curricular subjects such as Mathematics, Science, History and Religion. In their performances they showed how each subject connects with dance. It clearly showcased how different aspects of these subjects can be taught through dancing, which opens up young minds to a different way of thinking, and therefore learning.

Grade 04-Dance World-min

Grade 4

Grade 05-Dance World-min

Grade 5

Grade 06-Dance World-min

Grade 6

Primary School – Project Day

At the end of the first term, our young learners were taken on a journey into outer space. The students researched into the vast unknown, using both scientific facts and Science fiction as inspiration. The Old Hall were transformed into scenes from the Cosmos, and imagery of the galaxies were brought to life through projects and light shows. Through this hands-on learning experiences, our budding astronauts were not only motivated to hypothesis, question and experiment but they were also driven to think outside the box.

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