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Activity Day 2022 – Magical Button Box

The primary activity day was held on the 6th of October. The students of Grades 4,5 and 6 presented stories from the magical Button Box!

On a visit to their grandparent’s home, Jack and Alice discover Grandma’s Button Box, up in the attic. It seems to be a very ordinary button box, yet all these ordinary buttons carry extraordinary stories, each story filled with sunshine, laughter and even a touch of magic!  The twelve classes from the three grades shared the exciting story of a different button from different countries with amazing dancing ,singing and acting.

Activity Day – Nine Kingdoms of Sri Lanka

At the end of the first term this year the children of Primary and Middle school researched on the Kingdoms of Sri Lanka with special emphasis on the 9 Kingdoms which enshrined the tooth relic as the presence of the tooth relic is an important dimension in defining a kingdom in Sri Lanka. Extensive research on the topic spilled over from the classrooms to the rest of the school and to the homes. Everybody enjoyed the hands on learning experience absorbing Sri Lankan experience through multiple intelligences.

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