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The Primary school has 4 parallel classes from Grades 4-6. The Middle school has 5 parallel classes Grades 7-9.

In conformity with the national curriculum the Primary school has two streams -Sinhalese and Tamil. The Middle school has three streams Sinhala, Tamil and Bilingual. Link languages are English and also Tamil or Sinhalese. The Primary and Middle school calendars have been studded with exciting co-curricular activities that helped embellish the national curriculum that they follow.

We try to take the children of the Primary and Middle school “out of the box” since they are not troubled by government examinations. In these sections we try to develop the emotional, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences. As sufficient stimulation to keep them motivated is essential, we introduce exciting extra learning into the curriculum. At the end of every term interesting co-curricular projects are incorporated to enhance the National Curriculum. We also try to teach the National Curriculum with many experimental learning techniques. Group work is introduced at this level. The children learn to work in harmony within small groups. Cooperative learning is used as a key to fostering positive relationships.

At the end of every term after the term tests the students from Grades 4 to 9 are involved in an interesting research project. They present their research in various forms at the end of the term. The classrooms become exhibition centres and museums. There is Activity Day, Science Day and Book Day.

Serendipity is open only to the Primary and Middle school. This enables hundreds of children to have a stage experience where they show their prowess with an array of multicultural items of music and dance that range from classical to light classical to semi classical to modern. See Annual events.

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