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Boxford building was completely renovated in 2004 to suit the nursery requirements. It is now a very pleasant child friendly colourful building which houses 160 children. The 2+ is only for children of Old Girls who are working mothers and is limited to 10-12 children. Their day is from 8.30 to 10.30 am.

Classes for 3+, 4 and 4+ students are limited to 25 students with two teachers to a class.
The activities of the nursery are many and varied, with changing concepts in education. We have striven to make the children self-confident and independent from a very young age. In the process we try to sharpen their thinking powers to develop a breadth of vision from the beginning. We are acutely conscious that at this stage the child requires rich sensorimotor experiences and open ended imaginative play.

Every year we have a special theme which begins with the Activity Day in the first term and is carried through the sports meet to the end of year concert. Many creative programs adorn their curriculum. In the second term the Sports Meet is organized on the annual theme. Very creative fancy races connected with the theme learnt in the class rooms are worked out. The concert held in the third term is where they present the annual theme and all they have learnt through the year using music, song and dance as tools.

Apart from the thematic activities children enjoy many forms of creative and art work, singing rhythms, rhythmic dancing and outdoor activities like sand and water play. Each class has a Home Corner, Book Corner, and manipulative equipment.
They discover the Nursery theme for the year while playing – in the play house and in the playground, during the sports meet and while preparing for activity day.

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