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Forests and Their Stories

Message from the Principal

Throughout human experience we have created rituals and celebrations to mark and participate in the forces that affect our lives; the changing of the seasons, anniversaries of historic events, celebration of group solidarity, re-establishing our relationships with each other, commemoration of religious festivals, the land we live on, defining who we are and how we fit in. On some occasions these festivities are celebrated by means of parades.

Today we will witness some of the most unique and fabulous celebrations from all around the world being presented to us by the students in the Kindergarten on the theme ‘Parades go by’. Parades are held for a wide range of reasons; some are cultural, social, religious, national, historic, artistic events and many more.

Parades of many types, serve to meet specific social needs and duties, as well as to provide entertainment. The fascinating parade dancers connect us to the elements such as fire, water, incense, trees & flowers, animals and birds. Their colourful and attractive costumes, stilt walkers, giant puppets, clowns and flags allow us to step outside our normal activities and mingle in public and perhaps dance with our neighbours.

Many people work together in these outdoor pageants and offer an opportunity for individual creativity and expression within a larger framework of collective expression, where one might not otherwise have interactions; coming together as builders, craftsmen, innovators, problem solvers, trend setters, designers, manufacturers, artists, suppliers, financers and leaders.  It is a pleasurable and enriching way to spend time together – playing in community bands, practicing dance steps, spinning torches, creating flower garlands, building thematic floats; … and as it evolves into an annual event it touches the lives of a community brining meaning to its existence.

May God bless you!
(Mrs) Eesha Speldewinde



KG Activity Day 2016

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