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Class Trips 2022

Overnight class trip – Grade 13 Local A/L and British A/L

2022.11.18 was a very special and exciting day for the batch of ’23 as we finally embarked on our class trip after not being able to go on our trips for the past 3 years. Our final class trip was one to remember as for the first and last time we got to spend more than 24 hours together on an overnight stay!

The honey-colored day started with the sounds of the rolling wheels of suitcases, excited laughter and chatter and the clicks of cameras as new memories were created and captured. As we filed into our respective buses, we were reminded of our past trips spent shouting and passionately belting out song lyrics despite the absence of a melodic tune and sharing snacks in the bus. Recreating these ‘trip traditions’ once again for the last time was truly nostalgic.

We went to the Katunayake airport where we got the unique opportunity to go to a hangar. We got to explore and tour the body, belly and the cockpit of the Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A330 under the brilliant and specialist guidance of experienced licensed aircraft engineers. The air resonated with the oohs! and aahs! as we learnt how a plane takes flight and all the scientific theories behind flying an aircraft. Some of us even got to experience the simulator where we got the chance to maneuver a plane through different weather conditions. This was definitely a highlight!

After we visited the airport we finally reached ‘The Tamarind Tree’ Hotel. The hotel lobby buzzed with enthusiastic chatter about ready made plans on how we were going to spend the day and night at the hotel. After lunch we bunched into our rooms but despite it being triple rooms 16 odd people could be seen crowded in one room! After hours of gossip, games and ‘photo shoots’ everyone got back into their respective rooms to get ready for our dinner party! By 7.30 pm the DJ floor was filled with those dressed in vibrant Bollywood styled lehenga skirts, sarongs, elegant Hollywood styled dresses and formal wear. A pajama party followed after the dinner as people gathered in each other’s rooms shared ghost stories, had midnight feasts and snuck out to ding dong ditch our neighbors! It was indeed a night to remember!

Overall the trip was a truly special memorable one and will be one of our core memories of our school life.

-Anagi Gunasekera

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