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Chapel and worship

The Chapel of the Hope of the World bears witness to the victorious faith upon which the school is founded. It has been a solace for the lost and weary. It has been a strength to many. “The chapel is our corner stone which enshrines our faith”.

Morning devotion has been a practice from the time the chapel was built. On the first Monday of the month a service of Holy Communion is conducted by the Chaplain.

The Christian children entering Grade I (main school) are blessed by the Bishop of Colombo and the Valedictory service is held for school leavers in July.

Other annual events in the chapel are the Founders’ Day celebrations in February with the School service and OGA services, Ash Wednesday service, Confirmation service, and the Carol Service. The Easter and Harvest Festival services are held for the Nursery and Kindergarten.

Marriage services for Old Girls are also held in the chapel on request

The building that was perhaps the most inspirational is the College Chapel . Built on the faith of a previous generation this enchanting building demystified religion for us through our own participation. We sang familiar hymns, watched the versatility of the choir mistress’ face, and found comfort in the warmth and simplicity of the chapel built for children. We learned not the fear of God but the solidarity of our own little community that was bound by a simple morning ritual. We anticipated promotion from the tiny pews to large chairs at the back while our dog eared hymn books filled with interesting cards and pictures provided silent entertainment during lengthy sermons. We trod the pathway to and from the chapel each morning with that extra special effort at silence. I can almost feel the stucco those pinkish colour walls and see above us shapes of suspended angels.” – AP Learning spaces from Ladies’ College 1900 – 2000

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