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The Special Education Unit accommodates 9 students at present, with varying cognitive and physical disabilities. The current student: teacher ratio is 3; 1. Each child works according to a carefully designed individual education plan which caters to her specific needs and ability.

All their lessons are activity based and focused mainly on life skills which will help the student to survive in the world and become as independent as possible.

They have a lot of fun with hand work and artistic activities, story time sessions, simple cookery etc.

They have regular exercise such as swimming every Friday, dance movements and breathing and stretching exercises of yoga with singing lessons once a week using a guitar.

The students continue to go to mainstream classes like dancing. PT and singing to encourage integration with other children. They participate in school activities such as sports meet, harvest festival and concerts. As a result they have a sense of belonging and the rest of the school has a sense of responsibility towards them.

“The presence of our special girls have had a positive impact on all the students at Ladies’ College. Our endearing children in the unit convincingly proved their case when they presented ‘We’re more alike than different’ at assembly and brought the audience to their feet. They continue to participate in the main extra-curricular programmes of the school. This year, we were thrilled when Nuwani Fernando’s entry to the Photographic Competition won the first place in the Monochrome Category. I applaud the skilled teachers who serve these children with great patience and understanding not forgetting the teachers in the Learning Support Unit which provides added benefit to our children. We continue to be proud of the three special differently abled teachers who assist the school in music, art and dancing.” – From the Principals 2014 Annual Report


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