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The Nixon Library

The First Nixon Library was donated to the school by the Ladies’ College OGA in 1917. A small brass tablet set in the wall of that library reads.

“This library was presented to the College by the Old Girls as a token of their love for Miss Nixon, Principal of the College 1900-1914 (Aug. 10 1917)”

Subsequently in 1924 a new library was added to the Copelston block by Ms Opie. The present Nixon Memorial Library was opened In 1952. In her address Ms Simon said “Your Lordship, when Mrs de Mel hands you the key to open this building you are making available to the college a wonderful gift in memory of a beloved Principal and Founder. I in the name of my present staff and scholars give you the assurance that we will strive to use it worthily, in a manner befitting her in whose name it is built”. Though the library was replaced on more than one occasion this tribute to Ms Nixon stands true for all succeeding generations.

A Junior Library is situated in the first floor of the Archives building.

The Nursery

Ms Simon established the pre- school nursery in 1954 under the supervision of Mrs Wilson and pioneered the first Pre school Teacher Training Course in Asia which was made available for all schools.

The Nursery was situated in the main school till it was moved to Boxford. In 2004 the building was completely renovated with the help of OGA fund raising to provide a child friendly place which though within the school premises, remains separate from the school with its own garden and access from the main road, to make it a home within the school.

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