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Hostellers were part of the school from almost the very beginning. They were accommodated first on the upper floor of the Kindergarten and later in the Copelston Block.

Today both Hostel and Day Care are housed in Gaster House which was originally built in 1939 to accommodate 75 hostellers The building was named after Rev. L.G. Gaster a chaplain of the school who helped to supervised the Chapel project.

The need for hostel accommodation has decreased through the years but Day Care has become a crying need with increasing numbers of working mothers and transport problems.

The Day Care operates between 10.30 and 6pm. There are about 85 children in day care ranging from Nursery upwards. The option of collection of children at 2pm or 6pm is available. Some of the children bring their own meals but but lunches and evening tea are provided if requested.

“The children are offered a variety of activities such as Swimming, Tennis, Music and Art after school. The smaller children can play in the garden on the swings and slides. They also enjoy painting and handwork and play indoor games of their choice. The older children do their homework and then play, read or relax.

“Sunny Smiles and playful giggles greeted us as we entered the Day Care at Ladies College which was abuzz with activity with some of the youngest LCites relaxing after a hard day’s work of learning their ABCs and the 123s. Upon speaking to these youngsters, some of them claimed to have been here from “a long time ago”. We gathered that they greatly enjoyed the time spent here and when asked how they while away the time, they responded with an enthusiastic ‘we play, we eat, we wash …. School Magazine

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