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  1. Attendance
    School Times:-
    4 – 14 – 7:40 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
    3 – 7.55 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    1 – 2 – 7.55 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    Nursery – 4+ – 8:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    Nursery – 3+ – 8:30 a.m. to 11:15.a.m
    Toddlers – 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

    • Students should be punctual. Students arriving late will be given “late points” by the Prefects. {please see 7(xvii)}.
    • Students are expected to attend school on all scheduled school days. A valid “excuse letter”, giving reasons for absence and signed by a parent/guardian, must be submitted to the class teacher (even for one day’s absence). Students should not stay away from school for trivial reasons.
    • In case of absence due to illness lasting three days or more, or if the student has suffered from an infectious disease, a medical certificate (in addition to the excuse letter) should be submitted to the class teacher.
    •   a) Students who need to be away from school for any reason other than illness, should obtain prior permission from the Principal.
    •   b) In case of a long period of stay overseas, written permission should be obtained from the Principal for the period of leave at least two weeks prior to the date of departure. Such long leave would be granted only when the tuition fees for the entire period of leave have been paid.
    •   c) Requests for leave for holidays abroad will not be granted during the term. Other requests for overseas leave during term would be considered on a case by case basis by the Principal, and granted if there is an urgent requirement.
    • Students are not permitted to stay away from school prior to end of term exams and on
      days following the exams. Appropriate study leave will be granted to Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students.
      Once a student comes to school in the morning, she should not leave the school premises on any condition, unless she has been granted written permission by the school authorities. In case of emergencies or prior commitments, a letter requesting permission to leave school at a specified time (signed by parent/guardian) must be submitted, and approval obtained from the Principal/Vice Principal. Once permission is
      granted, a gate pass will be issued, which should be submitted at the security post. Parent/Guardian accompanying the student, should “sign her out” at the main office.
    • If a student is absent from school on a particular day, she will not be allowed to participate in any extra curricular or sports activities scheduled after school, on that day.
  2. Academic
    • Students found cheating at exams will be given zero marks and will be given an appropriate punishment by the Principal. Students who allow others to copy from them will receive the same punishment.
    • No student should sit for any public examination or register as a student in any professional institution without prior permission from the Principal.
    • The Principal must be notified in writing of any subject change and her approval must be obtained before making a change.
    • Students are not permitted to obtain private tuition from any member of the Ladies’ College Staff.
  3. Payment of Fees
    • New entrants are required to pay an Admission fee, a Refundable Deposit, PTA membership fee and any statutory taxes on a date intimated by the school authorities.
    • The receipt for the Refundable Deposit should be retained safely and submitted at the time of leaving school, for refund of deposit.
    • All fees (school, hostel, day-care, and for extra-curricular activities) will be billed each term and is payable by the payment due date as specified in the invoice each term.
    • A surcharge of 10% per term will be levied if fees are not paid by the payment due date as specified in the invoice for each term.
    • A discount will be granted for payment of fees for the entire year before a pre-determined date, the rate of discount will be duly notified to parents at the beginning of the first term.
    • Term Reports may be withheld if fees remain unpaid on the last day of each term.
    • Students who have not paid fees for the preceding term will not be allowed to sit end of term examinations.
    • In the event a student wishes to leave Ladies’ College, the parent/guardian must inform the school authorities in writing. Fees will be payable up to end of the term in which the student leaves.
      If a student stays away from school without written notice of leaving, fees will be billed and payable as usual. Any outstanding fees will be recovered from the Refundable Deposit.
      Note – As Ladies’ College is a non-assisted, Private School, the running of the school is totally dependent on School Fees
    • All students who will be leaving the school are expected to obtain from the office, a
      LC – OGA application form. This should be completed and handed over to the OGA representative in school. Admission as OGA member will depend on the rules of the prevailing OGA constitution and issuing of membership will be at the discretion of the OGA Committee.
  4. Permission to participate in after school activities and “outside” activities.
    • A “permission letter” from the parent/guardian will be required in respect of students
      participating in:
      a) school trips.
      b) school functions after school hours.
    • Students participating in public performances not organized by Ladies’ College (eg.
      concerts, plays etc.) or in other activities/competitions (eg: sports), independently (ie. not as a representative of Ladies’ College), should seek written permission from the Principal before the event.
    • In the event Ladies’ College enters a student/team for a competition, tournament or
      any activity, other Ladies’ College students, cannot represent another institution privately in competition with the Ladies” College Team or individual student.
  5. School Uniform
    • The official school uniform must be worn by all students from Grade 3 upwards. The length of the school uniform should not be above the knee. When attending school or school functions, students must have their hair tidy and wear red ribbons. Shoes should be white, brown or black with white socks (no ankle length socks). A white petticoat or vest and underskirt must be worn with the school uniform.
    • Other than black or white no coloured underwear should be worn with the uniform.
    • For formal occasions red ribbons, white shoes and white socks are compulsory.
    • Students may not wear jewellery other than simple ear-studs. A small patterned motif either in gold or silver or a precious or semi precious single stone worn only on the ear lobes. No gypsy earrings or fancy earrings are permitted to be worn with the uniform.
    • In the event it is imperative that a student needs to wear a religious or blessed talisman/medal, a letter requesting permission must be submitted and approval obtained from the principal/vice principal. If permission is granted the blessed talisman/medal should be preferably worn/pinned inside the uniform. This must be discussed with the Sectional Head.
    • Nail polish, streaking and colouring of hair are not permitted.
    • Students should not attend tuition classes in school uniform. Written permission should be sought from the Principal to leave the school premises in clothes other than the school uniform.
    • Students should not be seen after school hours at public places in uniform even when
      accompanied by parents. In order to avoid such a situation, all students are advised to carry a T-shirt in their school bags
    • Students should not (or permit any other person known to them to) display, post and/or
      circulate any photographs of themselves or any other Ladies’ College student in their school uniform or any other attire which indicates that they are from Ladies’ College. This is applicable to all circumstances including all social media networks and other
      electronic media. (Particularly internet applications used through mobile phones and computers, eg: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram).
  6. Security
    • Students waiting to be picked up after school, could remain outside the main front gate until 2:15 p.m. Thereafter they must remain within the school premises till they are picked up. After 5:30 p.m. children are not permitted to be in the “front area” and should stay in the Nursery/Hostel area. Accordingly they should then be picked up from the “Nursery/Hostel gate”.
    • Students are not permitted to use the swimming pool entrance (except those with swimming pool entrance “Gate Passes”).These Gate passes will be issued only to students living in the vicinity of the “rear gate” and may be used only before 7.40 a.m. and after 1.45 p.m. on scheduled school days. The relevant form “Request for Gate Pass for use of Swimming Pool Entrance” could be obtained from the Office.
      Note – Students who participate in early morning sports activities (ie. swimming, tennis) are permitted to come in through this entrance; they too should obtain a Gate Pass for this purpose
    • All persons (parents/domestic aides and students of other schools and adults) entering the school premises from the rear gate must enter their particulars in the Register maintained at the Security Post at that gate and sign out when leaving.
    • Students are not permitted to use the Department of Vocational Training entrance at any time unless prior permission is granted by the Principal or Vice Principal.
  7. Discipline and other related Issues.
    • As a gesture of respect and in accordance with tradition students are expected to stand up for a member of staff.
    • Students must respect the authority of the Prefects.
    • Students should not be loitering or playing within the Chapel premises at any time.
    • Walking around school during class times is not permitted. Advanced Level students who have free periods should spend this time in the Library or Common Room.
    • Students found damaging or defacing school property may be suspended or expelled from school.
    • Students will be held responsible for any damage to, or loss of books borrowed from the school Library or any text books given by the school.
    • Students travelling to and from school by any method of transport private or public are expected to maintain the highest standard of behaviour and not to cause any annoyance to members of the public or bring disrepute to the school.
    • Any student, whose conduct is found to be unsatisfactory by word or deed, in or outside he school during term or vacation and thereby brings the school into disrepute, may be discontinued from the school as decided by the Principal.
    • Chewing-gum, radios, tape recorders, cameras, musical instruments (except for Orchestra and Hewisi Band etc.), DVD’S, CD’S, videos, knives or razor blades and magazines / literature of an unacceptable nature should not be brought in to the school premises. If any such item needs to be brought in for any purpose, prior approval should be obtained from the Sectional Head and such items should be kept in the school office before and after use.
    • Fighting, physical violence and bad language are not permitted. Students of any age could be suspended or expelled from school if caught in these anti-social activities.
    • There will be no official school socials unless written notice is sent by the Principal.
    • Gifts to teachers and administrative staff are not permitted.
    • Mobile Telephones cannot be used or brought into the school during the period the student is in school. A written request must be furnished by the parent/guardian if for any reason a mobile phone needs to be brought into school. The phone should then be handed over to the school office as soon as the student enters the school premises at the start of the day and collected just before the student leaves the school at the end of each day. Mobile phones found in the possession of students during school hours will be confiscated and returned at the end of term.
    • Students may not participate in any fashion shows other than that which may be organized by the school as an extra curricular project. Modeling or appearing in any type of advertisement are not allowed.
    • Interviews with the press could be given only on submission of a written request and consequently written permission from the Principal.
    • Students are not permitted to visit night clubs, discos or go for hotel dances while they are on the school roll, even accompanied by parents or adults. Parents should make sure that children adhere to this rule.
    • Students will be given late points/black marks/detention even suspension for bad attendance, bad work or bad conduct. The purpose of this is to correct a student who is slacking in her work or misbehaving and to keep the parents/guardians informed. Students may be detained after school or on Saturdays after giving prior notice, as decided by the Principal.
    • Students attending school functions are expected to dress decently.
    • A student must not under any circumstance open an account for any other student of Ladies’ College without their written consent.

Mrs. Deepika Dassanaike
Principal Ladies’ College

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