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General Information to Parents and Guardians

  1. School Rules.
    • A set of school rules have been laid down, in order to facilitate the smooth running of the
      This is for the benefit of your child and the school community. Students must strictly
      adhere to these rules at all times.
  1. Administration
  • Students’ Calendar –

A “Students’ Calendar” which lists out dates of all main school events, including “Open Days” will be given to all students at the beginning of each term – contents should be carefully noted by parents/guardians and necessary preparations made on time. However, dates and times may change due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • Appointments with the Principal/Vice Principal –

Parents could contact the Personal Assistant to the Principal at the Office for appointments to meet the Principal or Vice-Principal. In an emergency, parents/guardians could meet the Principal or Vice-Principal without an appointment.

  • “Open Day” –

There will be at least two Open Days each term. This is in order to give parents/guardians an opportunity to meet the teachers, and if necessary the Principal/Vice-Principal, to discuss the academic and general progress of their children.

  1. Medical Emergencies
  • Any medical condition or allergy a student has or may acquire during her tenure at Ladies’ College, should be notified within a week in writing (signed by parent/guardian) to the Principal.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, Ladies’ College will contact a leading hospital, in close proximity to the school and/or a company that the school has registered with, for medical assistance. Minor medical needs of children are attended to by a trained nurse who is a full time employee of the school.
  1. Attendance
  • Parents/guardians are requested to ensure that their children are punctual. Students of the Primary, Middle and Upper Schools should be in class before 7.40 a.m. Please see the school times for the Nursery & Kindergarten on page 3. Parents/guardians are requested to discourage and prevent children from staying away from school for trivial reasons.
  1. Payment of Fees
  • Ladies’ College is a non-assisted private school and we depend totally on school fees for the running of the school. Hence, it is of utmost importance that all fees are paid on time.A statement giving the term fees for the year would be sent at the beginning of each academic year. You are required to pay accordingly. Any additional payments, statutory or otherwise which may arrive in the course of the year, will be given with due notice in writing. A discount will be granted to those who settle the entire year’s fees before a pre-determined date. The rate of discount will be notified at the beginning of the year.

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