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24th Mon 8:00am Office Re-Opens
26th Wed 7:40am School Re-opens
8:30-9-00am Class Time – appointing of Class Captains
9:00am Assembly – Pinning of Class Captain badges and School Rules – Prefects
10:10am Lessons begin- normal time table
1:45pm Study leave for students of British A/L
1st Mon Holiday
2nd Tue 8:15-9:15am Sinhala/Tamil Essay Writing Competitions – Middle & Upper Schools
3rd Wed 8:00am Assembly – ‘Mangroves & Wetlands of Sri Lanka’- Grade 9/Sinhala Solo Singing winners performance
4th Thur 7:50am Blessing of Grade 11 students
8:45am KG Easter Service
9:45am Nursery Easter Service
5th Fri Holiday
8th Mon 7:50am Communion Service
8am onwards Trials for Swimming Meet-Upper School
9th Tue 8:15-9:15am English Magazine Articles
9th & 10th 2:00pm Inter House Water Polo Tournament
10th Wed 8:00am Assembly –  “Costumes of Sri Lanka” – Grade 8
12th Fri KG – visit to Wetlands
13th & 14th 7:00am National League Water Polo Championship
13th Sat 7:00am Rowing Sculling Ladder
15th Mon 10:50-11:20 Artistic Swimming Inter House Meet
2:00pm Artistic Swimming Inter House Meet
16th Tue 11:00am English Essay Writing Competition – Topics out
17th Wed Assembly – “A walk through Sinharaja” Environmental Society
18th-21st National Age Group Swimming Championship
19th Fri Class Trips – Grades 10 &11
23rd Tue 8:15-9:15am English Essay Writing Competition – Middle & Upper Schools
24th Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Artificial Intelligence in the field of Mathematics” – Maths Society
2:15pm Sectional Heads Meeting
25th Thur 2:00pm Staff Meeting
26th Fri 9-11am KG Science Exhibition
Middle School Class Trips
27th Sat 7:00am Rowing MAA-CMB Preliminary
27th &  28th 7:00am Novices Artistic Swimming Championship
27th-29th 7:00am All Island Under-14 & Under-20 Table Tennis Championship
29th May to 2nd June Under-15 Public School Tennis Tournament at SLTA
29th May to 8th June School will be closed in view of the GCE O/L Examination
30th May to 2nd June Sri Lanka Schools Athletics-Relay Carnival at Sugathadasa Stadium
1st,  2nd & 4th Pentathlon Swimming Championship
5th Mon 8:00am British A/L A2 Exams begin
5th-9th 7:00am Under-13 Public School Tennis Tournament at SLTA
8th Thur 8:00am onwards Trials for Swimming Meet- Middle & Upper Schools
9th Fri 7:00am School Re-opens after O/L’s
8:00am onwards Trials for Swimming Meet-Primary School
10th Sat 7:00am Ranfer Sprints
12th Mon 8:00am Communion Service
8:00am Trials for Swimming Meet-Local & British A/L
13th Tue 8:15-9:15am Sinhala/Tamil Creative Writing Competition – Middle & Upper Schools
8:30am KG Bakthi Gee
11:00am Inter House Water Polo Tournament – Entries Close
2:00-5:30pm Inter House Water Polo Tournament
14th Wed 8:00am Assembly –  Inter House Sinhala Choral Singing Competition
11:30am Assembly-Inter House Tamil Choral Singing Competition
1:45pm Primary School Progress Reports to be handed over to the Principal
2:00pm Inter House Squash Tournament
15th Thur 8am to 2pm Inter House Swimming Mini Meet
1:45pm KG, Primary & Middle School Progress Reports out
2:00pm Inter House Squash Tournament
16th Fri 8am to 2pm Inter House Swimming Mini Meet
2-5:30pm Inter House Swimming Meet-Class Relays, Tug-o-war, Tube Relay and Committee Relay
8:00am Confirmation Service
1:45pm O/L & Local A/L Progress Reports out
2:15-5pm Primary & Middle School Open Day
2:15-5:15pm KG Open Day
19th Mon 7:40am Grade 12’s return to school (after O/L’s)
2:00pm Inter House Swimming Meet
21st Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Entrepreneurs for Teenagers” Commerce Society
2:15-5pm O/L & Local A/L Open Day
21st-25th 7:00am Sri Lanka School Aquatic Sports Championship
23rd Fri 8:30am KG Sports Meet
A/L Class Trip
27th Tue 8:15am Bakthi Gee
28th Wed 8:00am Assembly – Inter House General Knowledge Quiz
2-6pm Music Day – “Different Genres of Music”
29th Thur Holiday
29th June to 2nd July National & Junior National Swimming Championship
3rd Mon Holiday
4th Tue 8:00am Communion Service
5th-7th 7:00am Junior Tarbot Athletics Meet (First Round) at Bandaragama or Negombo
5th Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Where no one goes deep waters” –  Science Society
6th Thur 8:15am General Knowledge Paper
7th Fri 7:50am Valedictory Service
7:00pm Valedictory Dinner
8th & 9th National Age Group Artistic Swimming Championship
11th Tue 8:00am Grade  6 & Middle School Exam begins/Grade 5 exam for Religion & Needle Work
12th Wed No Assembly
13th Thur O/L and Local A/L Exams begin
14th Fri 8:00am KG – Visit to Religious Places
5:00pm PTA – AGM
15th & 16th 7:00am National Age Group Water Polo Championship
17th-21st 7:00am Under-17 Public School Tennis Tournament at SLTA
20th Thur 8:15am Middle School paper discussion begins
21st Fri 09:30am Nursery Concert
4:30pm Meeting with Grade 3 parents regarding Grade 4 medium of instruction
22nd-24th 7:00am All Island Under-12 & Under 18 Table Tennis Championship
24th Mon 9:15am Nursery and KG Harvest Festival
8:15am onwards O/L & Local A/L Paper discussion begins
24th-28th 7:00am Under-19 Public School Tennis Tournament at SLTA
25th Tue 8:15-9:15am English Creative Writing Competition – Middle & Upper Schools
25th-28th 2:00pm Inter House Table Tennis Tournament
26th Wed 8:00am Assembly- “Different Genres of Music” – Music Circle
12noon onwards Nursery Open Day
27th Thur 11:30am-1:30pm Primary  and Middle School Open Day
26th & 27th Alternative Assignments for British A/Level Gr.12’s
28th Fri 9:00am Primary School Activity Day
8:00am KG Class Trips
2:00pm Art Competition (Primary/Middle/Upper School)
2:00pm Netball Encounter with Gateway College (Tentative)
31st Mon 7:50am Communion Service
9:00am Repeat performance of Primary School Activity Day
11:30am-1:30pm O/L & Local A/L Open Day
1st Tue Holiday
2nd Wed 8:00am Assembly – Inter House English Drama Competition
9:00am onwards Digital Art & Animation Competition
7:00pm Public performance of Inter House English Drama Competition
3rd Thur 9:30am Middle School Book Day – Kites and their stories (back garden)
4th Fri 1:40pm School Closes
6:00pm Hewisi Band Concert – Ridma Gathika ’23
7th Mon 3:30pm Office Closes
14th-18th Student internship program (conditions apply)
17th-20th Pentathlon Short Course Swimming Championship
25th & 26th South-West Monsoon Regatta
21st Mon 8:00am Office Re-opens
23rd Wed 7:40am School Re-opens
7:50-8:15am Chapel and Morning Prayers
8:30-09:00am Class Time – Appointing of Class Captains
9:15am House Meetings
10:00am Assembly – Pinning of Badges and School Rules – Prefects
11:25am Lessons begin – Normal time table
4th Mon Communion Service
7th Thur 2:00pm Netball Encounter with Gateway College (Tentative)
8th Fri 5:00pm Meeting with Parents of Grade 11 Students on A/Level Subject Selection
12th 16th Senior Tarbot Athletics Meet at Diyagama
22nd to 24th Sept Lilian Nixon Debating Tournament
Nov 3rd to 5th Junior Tarbot (final round) at Diyagama
5th Dec Prize Giving
6th Dec Carol Service
School Closes
8th Dec Office Closes
*Dates and times may change due to unavoidable circumstances.

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