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Student Calendar – 3rd term – 2018

3rd Mon 7:40am School Re-opens
7:50-9:00am Communion Service
9:00-09:30am Class Time – Appointing of Class Captains
9:30am House Meetings
11:25am Lessons begin – Normal time table
3rd-5th 7:00am Under 13 All Island Schools Badminton Tournament in Kandy
1st-4th 7:00am Under 16 All Island Schools Hockey Tournament in Matale
4th Tue 10:50-11:30am Magazine Photographs
5th Wed 8:00am Assembly – Pinning of Badges and School Rules – Prefects
12noon-1:30pm University Visits  – UK
6th Thur 10:50-11:30am Magazine Photographs
7th Fri 10:50-11.30am Magazine Photographs
12noon-1:00pm University Visit – University of Warwick
8th Sat 12:45pm LC Walk – ‘Route 66’ – 2018
11th Tue 2:00-5:00pm Magazine Photographs
12th Wed 8:00am Assembly –  “Art & Design through faith” – SCM
13th Thur 2:00-5:00pm Magazine Photographs
14th Fri 12noon-1:45pm University Visits – Canada and USA
15th-17th 7:00am All Island Schools Table Tennis Tournament at S. Thomas’ College, Mt Lavinia
16th Sun 7:00am Under 19 ‘A’ Division Basketball Tournament
16th-18th 7:00am All Island Schools Netball Tournament at Sri Sumangala Maha Vidyalaya, Hikkaduwa
18th-20th 7:00am Senior Tarbot Athletic Meet at Sugathadasa Stadium
18th Tue 2:00-5:00pm Best Student in English-Upper School Prize Paper for Grade 11, 12 & 13
19th Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Art & Design through faith” – Buddhist Society
20th Thur 9:00-11:00am KG Book Day – ‘Animal Heroes’
2:00-5:00pm Magazine Photographs
21st-23rd 7:00am All Island Schools Swimming Meet at the Sugathadasa Stadium
21st Fri 7:00pm Upper School Musical – ‘Prince of Egypt’
22nd Sat 4:00pm Under 20 Basketball Triangular Encounter
7:00pm Upper School Musical – ‘Prince of Egypt’
22nd & 23rd 7:00am Dharmaraja Sevens Hockey Tournament in Kandy
24th Mon Holiday – Poya Day
6:00pm Tamil Day
25th & 26th 7:00am Under 20 All Island Schools Tennis Tournament at the SLTA
25th Sept to 3rd Oct Edexcel IAL January 2019 Examination Registration
25th Sept to 5th Oct BTEC Practical Training
26th Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Art & Design through faith” – Islamic Society
28th Fri 11:15am Library Research Projects to be handed over to the Principal’s Office
2:30pm Lilian Nixon Debates
7:00pm Combined Orchestra Concert
29th Sat 7:30am Lilian Nixon Debates
2:00pm LC/BC Hockey Encounter at the Astro Turf, Colombo
30th Sun 7:30am Lilian Nixon Debates
1st & 2nd 7:00am Under 18 Combined Schools Hockey Tournament in Colombo
1st Mon 7:50am Communion Service
8:30am Children’s Day Programme – Head Girl and Prefects
2nd-5th 7:00am All Island Schools Athletic Meet at the Sugathadasa Stadium
3rd Wed 8:00am Assembly –  “Art & Design through faith” – Hindu Society
1:45pm Progress Reports Out
4th Thur 8:30am Pineapple Trophy
5th Fri 2:15pm-5pm Open Day – Primary & Upper School
6th Sat 12:30pm LC/MC Regatta at Colombo Rowing Club
8th Mon 2:15-5:00pm Open Day – KG & Middle School
BTEC Hospitality/Business Practical Training
9th Tue 8:15am Comparative Religions Paper (Competition)
10th Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Animal Heroes”  –  Grade 7
Skit by SEU at assembly
11th Thur 2:00pm Cartoon Competition
12th Fri 8:30am KG Swimming Meet
2:00pm LC/VV Water Polo Encounter at the Sugathadasa Stadium
13th & 14th 7:00am Royal Sevens Hockey Tournament in Colombo
13th Sat 2pm-8pm Prefects Day
15th Mon 9:00am Photographic Exhibition at the Hostel
16th Tue 8:00am “Navarathri”  – for the Hindu Society
17th-19th 7:00am Junior Tarbot Athletic Meet at the Vincent Dias Stadium, Badulla
17th Wed 8:00am Assembly –  “Iphoneography” – Photography Society
11:25am Election for Human Relations Award – Grade 10 upwards
18th Thur 8:15am House Meetings  – Election of House Captains and Vice Captains – 2018
19th Fri 3:00pm Sinhala Day
6:30pm Backstreet 2018 – LC UN Club Fundraiser
20th Sat 11am-3pm Commerce Day
23rd Tue 8:30am Best student in Maths – Upper School – Prize Paper for Grades 11, 12 & 13
2:00pm SCM Day
24th Wed Holiday – Poya Day
25th Thur 8:00am Assembly – Inter House Science Quiz
11:45am-2pm Open Day – Nursery
26th-30th 7:00am Junior Nationals Badminton Tournament in Colombo
26th-28th 7:00am Water Polo Nationals in Colombo
26th Fri 7:50am Blessing of Grade 11 students
27th Sat 10am OGA AGM
29th-31st 7:00am Under 20 All Island Schools Hockey Tournament in Jaffna
30th Tue 8:00am Exams begin for Grade 11 students only
31st Wed No Assembly – Revision
1st-11th 8am-5pm BTEC Practical Training
2nd-4th 7:00am Under 14 All Island Schools Hockey Tournament in Galle
5th Mon 7:50am Communion Service
6th Tue Holiday – Deepavali Festival Day
7th Wed 8:15am Exams begin for Grades 4 to 13 (Local & British)
16th Fri 9:00am Nursery Concert – “Earth Day “
20th Tue Holiday – Holy Prophet’s Birthday
21st Wed 8:00am Election of Office Bearers – Clubs and Societies
22nd Thur Holiday – Poya Day
23rd Fri 8:15am Election of Office Bearers – Clubs and Societies
11:30am-1:30pm Open Day – Grades 4 to 13 Local AL
1:45pm Study Leave for Grade 11 students
27th Tue 9:00am Nursery and KG Nativity Service
11:30am-1:30pm Open Day – Grades 12 & 13 British AL and BTEC
28th Wed 8:00am Assembly – “Diversity, Equality and Unity”-  Sri Lanka Unites Club
29th Thur 8:00am Nursery and KG Christmas Party
8:00am Primary Nativity Service
9:00am Prize Giving Assembly
8:00pm Hostel Christmas Dinner
30th Fri 1:45pm School Closes
6-10pm English Debating Society Fundraiser
3rd Mon 4:30pm Prize Giving
4th Tue 3:30pm Office Closes
6:30pm Carol Service
JANUARY (2019)
2nd Wed 8:00am Office Opens
3rd  Thur 4:30pm Parents of new students to be addressed by the Principal
7th Mon 7:40am School Re-opens

*Dates and times may change due to unavoidable circumstances.

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